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Rules - pirate - 05-02-2021

Welcome to Scripturient! This is a roleplay focused literate writing site intended for adults. Below, you will find the rules every member of the site is expected to follow.

Adults Only
Although not everything on this website will contain mature content, it is allowed on the site and therefore, anyone who joins must be a legal adult. Because the website is based in the USA, we consider a legal adult to be someone 18 years or older. If anyone is found to be under 18, their account will be banned.

If you suspect that a member of our site is under the age of 18, please notify a staff member and provide any evidence you have supporting this suspicion. This isn't about getting someone in trouble, this is about protecting all of our site members and minors from a potentially unsafe situation.

There is an expectation for every member of Scripturient to be able to achieve a base level of literacy in their roleplaying posts. We consider “literate” to mean a comprehensive grasp of the grammatical rules of the English language and an ability to write as such. We do not require a minimum word count but each roleplay post is expected to be written in complete sentences with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to the best of the writer’s ability. Proofreading your own posts is a given. Occasional mistakes and typos are human and you will not be penalized for them. Members who consistently post roleplay replies that are riddled with grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors will receive appropriate disciplinary action.

It is not considered literate to write roleplay posts in a “script” style, like you would see in a stage or movie script, or to use text talk. Below is a simplified example of what is and is not acceptable.

Not literate writing:
Character A: “Cool” Sits down.

Literate writing:
“Cool,” Character A says. They sit down in the chair.

If English is not your first language, we are more lenient with the amount and frequency of grammatical mistakes. We encourage the pursuit of learning literacy in a language other than one’s native tongue!

Written Content
Scripturient is a place intended for writers to explore their creativity and enjoy writing as a hobby. There are very few limits to the content we allow to be written on our site (these can be found under Unacceptable Content below), and none of them are specific to a certain genre or media. The characters you write can be any age, any gender, any sexual orientation, any species, any alignment, canon, or OC. Roleplays can be fandom, original, any genre, short-term, long-term, whatever the people involved in them want them to be. It is up to the people involved in a roleplay to decide what they do and don’t want to be included in their story.

Unacceptable Content
Although Scripturient is considered a mature writing site, there is still content that we do not under any circumstances allow here, listed below. If any of this content is found onsite, it will be removed and a permanent ban will be issued. If you have questions about if something is okay to post, please reach out to a staff member to review the content.
x Pedophilia
x Graphic depictions of nonconsensual sexual acts*
x Graphic depictions of sexual acts involving teenage characters under 18

* dubious consent is allowed so long as the character is aware of what is happening the entire time and not internally fighting against it

Tagging Posts
Due to the content that is allowed on Scripturient, we require that every writing post contains warning tags as a courtesy to other members to prevent anyone from reading anything they may not wish to expose themselves to. A good rule of thumb for this is if you have a question of whether something should be tagged, then you should tag it. Please make sure warning tags are visible somewhere around the top of your post and the font size is no smaller than the x-small (8px) BBCode tag to ensure legibility. For any questions about tagging, please contact a staff member. If you forget to tag something, a staff member will reach out to you asking you to add the necessary tags. If you consistently fail to tag your posts properly, you will receive a board warning.

The below image is an example of proper tagging. This is a header located at the top of the post and the roleplay reply is below the pictured line. It is not required to follow this exact format, this is merely an example showing the warning tags clearly visible before the main body of writing.
[Image: 6pBvrH4.png]

The list below is not entirely comprehensive of everything that should be tagged and we will continue to add to it as we come across content we deem necessary to note. If you have recommendations of things you would like included for your comfort, please contact a staff member.

Examples of tags:
  • sexual content
  • gore
  • graphic violence
  • drug use
  • abuse
  • mentions of sexual assault
  • specific kinks
  • death
  • torture
  • dubious consent
  • racism
  • homophobia
  • xenophobia

Member Conduct
We are all adults here and are expected to act as such when interacting with each other. Please keep interactions civil in public spaces. Bullying, hate speech, and harassment is unacceptable in exchanges between members. This includes racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, misandrist, ableist, ageist, or otherwise disrespectful speech. The consequences for unacceptable conduct will be determined based upon the individual situation and can range from a verbal warning to a site ban. 
Spamming is also considered inappropriate behavior. This includes sending out mass unsolicited PMs to other members and repeatedly posting the same thread multiple times in forums.

Although prejudice and the previously mentioned -phobias and -isms are unacceptable when communicating person to person onsite, these themes are fine to explore fictionally (ethically and in a non-exploitative way please). However, we still do not allow the use of slurs anywhere on site, be they racial, homophobic, religious, etc. We understand that some marginalized groups have reclaimed words that were once used against them to empower themselves, but with the anonymity of the internet, it is impossible to truly verify the identity of each site member and therefore we will maintain a slur-free website in order to maintain everyone’s safety and comfort.

Words we consider slurs that are still not “universally” accepted as such:
- g*psy
- e*kimo
- r*tard

Images and Links
Images and gifs are allowed however please do not post any that are pornographic or exceedingly violent or gory. This also applies to links posted in the forums. When posting gifs, please be considerate about particularly flashy or strobing gifs and the sensitivities of other members.

We do not allow plagiarism on our website. Any work that is not yours must be attributed to its rightful creator. This includes coding formats for posts because we allow the use of HTML in posts. This rule covers coding that uses code tags and attributes beyond the BBcode tags provided in the text editor that are used in a clearly stylized way. If you like the way someone has coded a character form or post, you should ask them if you can use their code. If you believe someone has plagiarized any of your work, please contact a staff member.

Disciplinary Action
The following is the general disciplinary process followed by staff when dealing with infractions of the rules. Certain situations may be cause for the skipping of certain steps.

Verbal Warning. Staff will reach out and give a soft warning that the member is acting in a way that breaks our rules.
First Board Warning. Staff will notify the member of the rule they have broken and issue an official warning.
Second Board Warning. Staff will notify the member of the rule they have broken and state this is their second and final warning before a ban is issued.
Third Board Warning. A third board warning results in a ban from the website.

These rules are subject to change. If you have questions regarding any of them, please reach out to an admin.