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Troubleshooting and Implementation Requests - pirate - 05-02-2021

This thread is a collection of issues that we are aware of currently affecting the site. We appreciate your patience while we try to resolve all of them to the best of our abilities. If you come across any issues with the site or have any recommendations of things you would like to see implemented, please post them to this thread or message Holliday. We will keep an up-to-date log of everything noted and requested on this post.


Login Issues
A number of site members have reported running into issues with logging in. They are receiving a message that says "authorization code mismatch". We are doing our best to resolve the issue.

If you have not done so, please try clearing your cache before attempting to log in again. If you are on a computer, some users have indicated that if they hit the "Home" button in the navbar at the top of the page when they receive the error message, it will take them back to the index page with them logged in. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing to a handful of people.

Error Message When Updating Signature
Sometimes when attempting to save changes to update the signature, an error page will pop up. So far, it seems completely random. The best solution, for now, is to save the updated content for the signature elsewhere and attempt to update it another time. This is apparently a problem that can only be resolved by our hosting service. We have contacted them and are in the process of hopefully resolving this issue.

Implementation Requests

Thread Subscription Organization - requested by koa
A way to organize Thread Subscriptions into folders or something similar. We will take a look and see if there are any plugins developed for this.